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3. Terry Hosmer   (2015-02-09 2:44 PM) E-mail
biggrin Great to see more photo's!

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2. Sandra Goering Waghorn   (2014-08-13 4:06 PM) E-mail
My Auntie Terry (and Godmother) got here first, and perfectly said, too. I agree we need more pics of the volunteers. Especially of my Mom (Kathy Goering) and her beautiful smile. Maybe a few pics of some kitties too smile I too will check back for any new updates. This is a lovely site.

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1. Terry Hosmer   (2014-08-07 7:29 PM) E-mail
I am proud of the progress you have made on the addition. No pictures of your volunteers?
(sorry, wanted to see my beautiful sister Kathy Goering) I will keep checking back in case you post any photos smile


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